Having held various leadership positions in several of the largest companies in the US and having experienced a number of executive training programs, Edge is a homerun! Many descriptive and engaging lessons of executive coaching come alive...real life scenarios are played out. Edge will take Corporate America to a higher level as effective Executive coaching becomes ever so critical to the success of today's leaders and corporations. Edge is an essential Playbook for those who want to succeed.

—Sophie Mokhtari
Director of Logistics, NBC Universal
Bea Fields, Corey Blake and Eva Silva Travers have created a unique, innovative and evocative method for presenting the coaching process and its possibilities. By dramatizing the internal dialogue that some executives may fear to explore and reveal to even those closest to them, the authors demonstrate the power of effective coaching; that is, to support clients while they reveal the answers they hold within.

—Lynne Adrine, President

LKA Strategies
Award Winning Producer at ABC News, Washington, DC
Edge leads the reader through the reflection in the mirror to discover what lies beneath the surface — what shapes the main character's relationship with himself and with those he leads. Edge uses an easy-to-read narrative to immerse the reader in a page-turning journey towards unleashing his own authenticity and, in the process, becoming a great leader.

—Christian Echavarria,
Co-Founder Invesmart
Simply put, Edge is the most compelling book on leadership I’ve ever read. But you should only read this book if you really want to stand in the service of others as you stand in the service of your destiny. Edge is not just about leadership ideas. It’s about real transformation.

—Michael Port
Bestselling author of Book Yourself Solid & Beyond Booked Solid
After trudging through numerous books of happy-talk bilge, Edge is an arctic blast of white-hot inspiration. Fields and company confront the fears of today's leaders while blazing a trail to illustrate, educate, enlighten and inspire. We've always known Bea Fields was a bad-ass - now the rest of the world gets to benefit from her powerful work. Look for 'leadership fiction' to be a whole new genre!

Andy Wibbels

speaker and best selling author of Blogwild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging
I just finished reading EDGE! A Leadership Story. Loved it! Being a business book, I didn’t expect it to be so engaging, but the character development was great. I really cared about the main character (Mitch) and the coach who held his feet to the fire (Kate). I didn’t want to put the book down . . . I had to know how Mitch would integrate his creative side and keep from losing more key talent from his team. In fact, I read Edge in two sittings -- last night until my husband nagged me to turn out the lights and the rest this evening.

Marnie Pehrson
Creator of Ideamarketers.com

As a startup business owner and community organizer, I found myself truly moved and inspired by what Edge offers to any community or business leader: the potential for a dramatic shift in a group's results by dramatically shifting the way they relate to themselves through professional coaching. From small working groups to large organizations, what's possible in getting the story of Edge is not just success, but profound growth and fulfillment beyond the personal realm.

-Bryan Beller
Owner/Artist, Onion Boy Records
Contributing Editor, Bass Player Magazine
Edge will stimulate your thinking surrounding the following questions:

“Am I really doing what I want to do?”
“What is going to bring me joy?”
“What am I going to give my life to?”

Edge demands that readers align themselves with their passions more closely and consider expanding their abilities in the areas of developing talent and managing conflict.

—Heather Smith
Director Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions Group
Trinity Health

Captivating! When I was first promoted to an executive level position, one of the first questions I had for my coach was how could my peers seems so calm and confident, when I was a bundle of uncertainty and doubt inside. Since becoming a coach myself, I often hear that question from my clients at all levels of organization – from C-suite executive to first line supervisors. Edge answers that question for us, but giving us a window into the heart and mind of a leader in the high-stakes, high-risk world of a corporation on the verge of success – or failure. The lead character is instantly recognizable by anyone who has been in a position that is beyond their comfort zone when others are looking to them for direction and confidence in the midst of chaos. We are then captivated by this all-too-human leader, the powerful and steadfast coach, and the collegues and family who accompany him on this hero’s journey.

Sue McLeod
Senior Consultant, Hay Group
Each chapter helped me unearth something more – a deeper understanding of myself and my relationship to my life-work and others. Edge creates an environment where the reader can become engaged with the material in a personal and meaningful way…if there were ever a book that could powerfully change you, this book would be it. Entertaining, enlightening and delivered with an edge! It’s a top-notch business novel and personal journey that’s sure to uncover your dreams and passions. Highly recommended.

—Tara Kachaturoff
Coach, Consultant, TV Producer and Host
Success is a byproduct of being who you are. To lead others, you must first lead yourself. Learning how to be the leader of you is all about making authentic choices. This masterful book gives you the awareness, perspective, and tools to do just that. In a sea of leadership books, Edge! A Leadership Story stands out as a real gem. Read this book to remember who you really are.
—Kim George
CEO of The AQ Institute and author of
Coaching Into Greatness: 4 Steps to Success in Business and Life
If you’ve wondered what executive coaching is all about, read this book. Edge is a page turner that reveals the astounding growth process that occurs when commitment on the part of the executive meets excellence in the form of a master coach.

—Kay Vogt, Psy.D.
Family Business Advising
Real Talk Company, LLC

Edge takes a very authentic, personal approach to leadership, by pitting us against our toughest opponent - our inner-self. Using the art of story, we're challenged and inspired to rediscover what really drives us, empowers us, fufills us, and ticks us off. I found it to be far more than a lesson for leaders, but a viceral lesson on life and how to live it to the fullest. Don't miss out.

Karl Kozak

Film Writer/Director
I voraciously read books about leadership and coaching. I almost always get a few good ideas to put into practice or concepts to explore more deeply. However, I was astounded when I read Edge. I have never read a more engaging and enlightening book on leadership.

—Bill Hensley
Founder, Hensley Properties, Inc.
Former U.S. Air Force and Airline Pilot
After spending a decade as a management consultant in the corporate rat race, then both failing and succeeding as an entrepreneur, Edge hits home. It not only addresses many of the “unspoken” issues leaders face (and the internal feelings so many leaders seem to hide), it illustrates them in a deep, vivid way in which you can’t help but relate. You feel as if you have been in those same situations. You want to reach out and tell Mitch you have been there, and give him advice. At the same time, you want to share your story with Mitch and get his advice. I couldn’t help but question myself and my current situations, as I read. Sure, as the CEO of my company, I’m a leader; but where am I leading my team? Is it where I want to go? Is it where I want them to go? Is it where they want to go? What’s the difference? Does the difference matter? This book reminded me that I can be a great leader for others, but I must also lead myself towards meaningful success. This book is a required read for any leader.

—Marty Metro
Founder and CEO
When I finished reading Edge, all I could say was 'WOW! I've read a lot of personal development and leadership books over the past decade, but this is among the most creative, thought-provoking, and engaging books I've read.

—Carol Dickson-Carr
Productivity and Business Coach
President, Managing Personal Resources, Inc.
Thank you! Someone finally wrote a refreshing business text book that doesn't read like a text book at all. Edge does something that all books in the business and self-help genres failed to do before it--apply real life situations to the concepts it discusses. The storytelling writing keeps readers highly engaged while the thought-evoking questions and concepts enable them to increase their success and personal satisfaction. Instead of typical "just get the information out there-" fashion, Edge asks "Why does a book on leadership for business people and entrepreneurs have to be dull?" and then emphatically answers "It doesn't!" This book promises to be more effective in increasing leadership skills and personal satisfaction than any book before it because of its unique approach.

Ian Coburn
Best-selling author of God is a Woman: Dating Disasters
Having lived my life on the "Edge" first as a combat F15 fighter pilot and secondly in the more dangerous world of entrepreneurship, I was captured and drawn into this intense, personal story. While I enjoyed reading about Mitch and the cast of characters, I simultaneously began to relive my personal journey. I felt challenged to ‘get in the game’ and apply Mitch’s lessons to my own life. I could relate to his experience in several ways, especially with regard to the impact of a powerful coach and mentor.

Thank you Bea, Corey and Eva for a masterful work!

—Steve Olds
Founder and CEO - Stratworx.com